The Doctor met the Nurse

It’s no secret–when I first met him I thought he was a … should I say it? … a jerk.  I feel bad saying it still, but it’s true.  I think in reality, I had never met a more open, direct man, at least not one that I had many close dealings with.  He’s a black and white kind of guy. Maybe it had more to do with the fact that I had just had my wisdom teeth removed a few days



before and I had developed a dry socket in the upper right side. Yeah, it was painful. So, the dentist had packed it with gauze and some medication of some sort–it kind of stunk. Maybe I should confess here that I caused the dry socket.  I kind of forgot about that.  After wisdom teeth extraction, you are supposed to rinse gently with salt water.  Well, my thought was if a little rinsing was good, a lot of vigorous rinsing might be better, so I vigorously rinsed the blood clot right out of that socket and rinsed the salt water right up into my sinuses, and yeah, that’s where the pain came from.  


So, anyway, I probably wasn’t the nicest person to deal with. As I was working as a nurse taking care of patients and the Doctor came in to give orders, well he was pretty cheery, maybe overly so, and I was not.  He hung around for about a month, a typical rotation for an anesthesia resident for ENT, oral surgery and plastic surgery cases.  After that month, he was gone, on to another hospital and I didn’t see him for another year.


When that year came around, my mouth was healed and my life had changed in a lot of ways.  So had his.  We struck up a friendship and eventually began going out.  It was a little tricky.  He had a son, the IT Guy, and I had two daughters, the Singer and the Coordinator, who is also a singer.


Well, time passed, we got married, and had two more daughters, the Writer and the Natural Nurse.  Fast Forward a few years, and we had the privilege to be foster parents and then adopt two boys, the Comedian and the Animal Whisperer. So we lovingly refer to our family as Yours, Mine, Ours and Theirs!!


And ever since, life has been a little loo loo …..

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